Crete Package Holidays

Crete-Traveller has found that the major Crete package holiday tour operators are enjoying a massive resurgence at the expense of smaller lesser known operators.

Crete holidaymakers are being driven by the safety and security of a big travel brand after seeing several smaller Crete holiday operators fail over recent months.

Visitors to Crete are also finding that they prefer the ease of a package holiday over the DIY craze of a few years back. Booking your Crete Package Holiday, especially with a well respected market leader, takes much of the stress and strain out of travelling.

Most of the large Crete package holiday operators have responded to price competition and can now offer Crete package holidays at very similar prices to holidaymakers making independent arrangements.

The obvious choices for your Crete package holiday are the really big players in the package holiday market, Thomson Holidays, First Choice Holidays and Thomas Cook Holidays .

However the second tier of Crete operators also have a long track-record and offer some varied resorts and accommodation to the larger Crete players. A few of the second tier operators are destination specialists so don’t all offer Crete Package Holidays but they’re always worth remembering. The most obvious choices are Jet2 Holidays, Cosmos Holidays, Olympic Holidays, Balkan Holidays and Style Holidays .

If you’re young and enjoy partying then don’t forget Club 18-30 Holidays .

Those who prefer something special in their Crete Holiday at reasonable prices should check out Thomson Luxury Holidays .

The great thing is that there is clearly plenty of choice when booking your Crete Package Holiday. The team here at Crete-Traveller just have one final suggestion and that’s to check out the Crete section of the Thomson Holiday Reviews website before you book anything. It’s full of great ideas and suggestions from real holidaymakers.

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